Remote Computer Spyware and Maintenance Checks

My name is Rick Kirkham.   As an in home computer tutor here in Honolulu Hawaii and a computer virus removal specialist, I've seen the near crying faces from those who've permanently lost precious photos and had stolen identities from virus and spyware attacks.  The look of pleading in their eyes for me to do what I do best and save their precious memories and work inside their virus and spyware wounded computer is enough to make me break down myself.

J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. computer virus removal specialist now offering remote services

These attacks on your computer can now come from anywhere on the internet from Facebook to simple websites you find in search engines such as Google.

Treat Your Computer Like Your Car

Almost all of these spyware attacks and even plain old computer crashes can be prevented if you would treat your computer like you would your car.

Do a safety check (once a month not once a year)

Keep your computer tuned up with security updates

Keep your anti-virus software up to date to keep your computer running smoothly

Have your computer checked for spyware so the bad guys (hackers) cannot break into it and steal you identity.

Have a professional do it to help ensure your cyber safety just like you have a professional look at your car for safety.

I Can Now Offer This Service to You and The Rest of The World!

I've always offered computer maintenance service as a house and office call to my Honolulu Hawaii and in fact all of Oahu clientèle's and tutoring students. Now I can offer it to you regardless of where you are in the world!

Save Time

No longer will you have to pack up your computer and give it to the faceless big box store and watch the nameless staff person take it back into the strange, mysterious back room where it sits for a week with other computers waiting to be serviced.

Now just leave your computer on over night.

I'll run spyware and maintenance checks and turn it off when I'm done!

We can also schedule a time period so you can watch if you like. On your end it may be like watching grass grow, but I'd be happy to answer any questions you had as I performed security checks and maintenance.

You may even notice your computer is a little faster when I finished getting rid of temp files and cookies (small programs downloaded from websites some of them from bad guys a.k.a. hackers)

Save Money

By having me service your computer on a monthly basis. I can

Remove the spyware

Update your antivirus software  

Check for essential updates for your operating system

BEFORE it becomes an issue that could cost you hundreds of dollars!

Save Precious Photos and Important Work Files

If you have a thumb drive (flash drive, jump drive). I can backup your important pictures and files to it for you. As part of my service to you I'll give you a backup program I wrote myself.

Rick, What Will You Do to Help My Computer?

Defrag your hard drive

Update or install free anti-virus software

Update or install free anti-spyware software

Manually look for suspicious files via your add or remove programs feature on your computer

Look for suspicious toolbars on your internet browser that my experience (since 1995) has taught me could be hazardous to your computer and your photographs and work files.

Backup important digital photographs and work files so they won’t be lost WHEN, NOT IF, your computer breaks down.

Check critical security updates

Remove viruses and spyware

How Often Will You Service My Computer Rick so It's Fully Protected?

Once a month is mandatory to help keep your computer in good working condition and spyware and virus free.


I have a son whose good with computers. Can I have him look at it?

Being good on a computer and fighting computer viruses everyday for a living are two completely different things. As I said, have a professional such as myself take care of your investment and protect your precious pictures and work. Hacker's who write spyware want you to think everything is okay!

Okay Rick, How Much Is It for Your to Help Protect My Computer from Spyware and Viruses?

Great News! If you have an emergency right now you need me to handle I can do that for half of what I charge for a house-call since I don't have to drive nor spend money on gas.

I can therefore troubleshoot and fix any emergency you may have for $37.50 per hour.

I have several maintenance programs I strongly suggest as a professional.

$19.95 per computer per month to perform security updates, virus checks and removal, spyware checks and removal

Number of Computers


$29.95 per computer per month to perform security updates, virus checks and removal, spyware checks and removal PLUS two hours worth of trouble-shooting your computer.

Number of Computers

I'll contact you through the email address you leave me after your payment has been received.

Emergency Or More Hours to Add 37.50 per hour.
For trouble-shooting I suggest you change your quantity to 3. Otherwise I'll have to stop after one hour. I'll reimburse or credit you any difference your choice.


Questions? Email me at Rick @