How to Setup Yahoo Email and Attach Digital Photos

How to Setup Yahoo Email and Attach Digital Photos

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How to Setup Yahoo Email and Attach and Download Digital Pictures



The Perfect Book for The Grandchild Getting Frustrated with Teaching Grandparents How to Use Email!



Have you recently discovered the ability to perform a skill does not automatically mean you have the ability to transfer that skill in a positive and efficient manner?



Are you frustrated that grandpa or grandma, mom or dad keeps asking you over and over how to get a picture from an email someone sent him or her?



Don’t you wish you could give them a easy picture driven manual from start to finish on email especially Yahoo email, the most popular and safest email online.



Your Wish Is Granted!



Based on my experience as an in home computer tutor specializing in very beginner to advance computer use here in Honolulu Hawaii, I’ve finally released a picture driven instructional manual on how to set up Yahoo Email from start to finish and attach and download digital photographs.



Topics Covered Include:



Setting Up Yahoo Email

How to Send an Email

How to Reply to and Email

How to Create a Folder

How to Move an Email

How to Attach a Digtial Photo to an Email

How to Download a Digital Photo From an Email to Your Computer

How to Find a Digital Photo After You Download to Your Computer

How to Print Your Digital Photos



They Feel GREAT!



As a dual certifed teacher I can tell you the good feeling people get when they can look up information on their own, answer their own questions and solve their own problems. This helps beginning email users to:



Feel self-confident

Feel as though they can take care of themselves

Lose their fear of new technology



How to Get Setting Up Yahoo Email and Attaching and Downloading Digital Photos by J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.



Add to Cart for instant download for only $4.95


You may now get the paperback version of this book from just click here


Email me if you have questions

Print out the downloadable version (one print out per order please)


Give it to mom or dad, grandpa or grandma and watch their face light up when they see the simple picture driven instructions!

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