Build or Manage Your Blog or Website Services Now Available

Supercharge Your Business With Your Very Own WordPress Blog!

You Can Focus On More Important Things When You Trust Your Blog To A WordPress Expert.

Perhaps you have wondered, as I have why WordPress has become the blog of choice for business owners and the general public alike. According to users, WordPress is very popular for a number of reasons:

It is highly customizable, because of the large number of available themes and plug ins.

It is easily installed onto an existing website.

It ranks highly on Google and the other search engines.

It is relatively easy to use, especially if you want a very basic blog.


Connecting With Your Customers Is Easy!


In this age of social networks, blogging is the best way to connect with the buying public. Blogs enable you to communicate with customers in a formal or informal way. With over one-million plug-ins to your wordpress blog website available you could easily take advantage of social websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+


Earlier, we discussed the benefits of using a wordpress blog in your own domain as your  website. It goes without saying that establishing a blog is easy, but I’m wondering if what you really want is an effective blog. I think you would agree that a blog that impresses potential customers cannot be merely an afterthought. All aspects should be planned to offer you the highest possible search engine placement to make it easier to find your website instead of your competitor’s website.


It’s Time To Get Started!


Many business owners simply do not have time to set up a professional blog. There are so many other things to attend to. And once you have a blog you need to create content for it, although you may decide to pay for the services of a professional ..and many people do.


Perhaps you are wondering what you need to do to establish a blog that is effective in driving sales. Content is one thing that has been mentioned and I’m offering you a headstart with that. That’s right, as you may be aware, content is king. There is no point in having a professional blog with all the bells and whistles if what you’re saying is not making the register ring. But we’ll come back to the details shortly. All I’m asking at the moment is that you think about what bad content can cost you. Most people find it’s a lot more than they expected.


What Would You Rather Be Doing?


If you are anything like me you’d much rather be at home, or on holiday somewhere, but the reality of business is that you find yourself spending all of your day in your office staring at a computer screen or printing sheets of paper. I’m sure you can easily picture the scene. So if you think that setting up a blog is a great idea but you don’t have time to do it yourself, you might like to consider an alternative.


Peace of Mind


I am sure you would agree that you don’t want to feel that all your effort has been wasted and time lost because someone with no WordPress experience did a terrible job. That’s not the feeling any business owner wants and I would agree if you feel very much the same.


As a business owner you’ll know most aspects of business require a lot of effort and are not always easy, but you might agree that when it all works out there’s no better feeling. That’s why you want every part of your business to run as smoothly as possible and it’s really about the peace of mind you feel when you trust some part of your business to a safe pair of hands.


If You Are Serious You Need To Act Now!


If you want a WordPress expert to set up, install, and manage (or even just do one of these things) you want to order right now.


Here’s what you’ll get:

Installation of your blog and the plug-ins you want or need

Automatic on topic content page to increase your search engine ranking. This is referred to as S.E.O. or search engine optimization

Remember how I mentioned the importance of content? You can have all the above, plus any sales post written by a professional writer with sales and marketing experience for a limited time for only $494.95.


P.S. If you don’t have the time to set up your WordPress blog you’ll probably find little time for blog management and promotion either. And I think you’d agree that if no one knows your blog exists or even worse it’s crashed for whatever reason you’ll be losing money fast.

So on top of my other services I’m also giving you a chance to add this feature to increase your sales!


Maintenance/Management and promotion ($49.95/month).


My competitors look forward towards your calls since they charge for each edit of your website. For $49.00 I’ll promote your website and edit it for you whenever you require it or when I contact you with a suggestion.


Build or Manage Your Blog or Website Services Now Available!


Setup from Domain through First Post  Maintain and Promote Your Website Click Here $494.95 setup fee $49.00 per month


Setup from Domain through First Post Click Here $494.95 


Maintain and Promote Your Already Built Website or Blog Click Here $49.00 per month

Email me with Questions tutor2000 @

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