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In order to consolidate updates to new computer services for Honolulu Hawaii residents, Oahu and the world, I’ve moved my updates and tips to a forum style website I created (a skill I can offer you :) ).  Click here for new computer services by J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. from lessons to computer virus removal and

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My name is J. Richard Kirkham. I’m a dual certified teacher and expert in computers and the internet. I began my self-employment as an in home computer tutor specializing in senior citizens, but I soon began getting calls from businesses and even parents wanting me to catch them up on what their kids were doing online so they could keep their children safer.

Through computer training, my own interests and on the job experience I have developed a huge list of services and even products I’ve used to help people just like you! I’m going to try to list these services and products by popularity, though this may change seasonally.

99% of These Services Are Done in The Convenience of Your Home or Office

In Home or Office Computer Virus Removal Click Here

If you are not protected and updated with anti-virus software and security updates it’s just a matter of time before your computer could be damaged or your identity stolen through a virus attack. Housecalls, office calls and remote help is now available!

In Home or Office Computer Setup Click Here for More Information

I actually get calls stating the client was afraid to take it out of the box till I got there : ) I also get calls from businesses to busy to setup computers themselves

Remote Computer Maintenance Virus Removal and Spyware Removal Click Here

I can now offer you my service regardless where in the world you are located.

Save time

Save money

Be confident your precious photos and work files are safe!

In Home Computer Lessons

I’ve been complimented on my patience and step by step hands on approach

Data Recovery Digital Photos Work Files Etc…

As of writing this, I just recovered a client’s very important work files after he was told by two different places, including a well known electronics chain, they couldn’t be recovered. Many of my cohorts do not think outside of the box.
These are your family photographs
Your work files for that deadline
Your genealogy
I’m going to take recovering your files as seriously as if they were my own important digital photographs and work files.
Call me, Rick Kirkham 224-1870
P.S. To avoid the heart tearing stress I’ve seen in my clients’ faces before I recover their data, consider ordering the backup program I wrote with my senior citizen clients in mind to make it as simple as possible.
Due to the nature of data recovery you must be in Honolulu Hawaii or anywhere here on Oahu. I cannot except remote clients for this type of work. Don’t worry I’ve traveled all the way to Dillingham Airfield.

How to Setup Free Email

I always recommend online web-based email. It’s not only more secure, since you’re not allowing strangers access to your own computer, it’s also separate from your internet service provider. Now if you change your internet service provider, it will not affect your email address! My new printable ebook, described below, addresses how to setup Yahoo email.

As digital cameras become the norm the need to send and receive pictures via email increases.

Setup Digital Camera Date Etc..

The older the picture gets the more you’ll want the proper date on it.

Setup Wireless Internet Access – NO MORE Cables! Click Here

How to Attach Digital Photographs to Email Click Here for Information On My New Book

How to Attach photos in Yahoo Email

How to Get Photos from Your Digital Camera to Your Computer

Memory cards in your camera go bad and so do computers. The need to have your pictures backed up and on your computer for slide shows and sending via email continues to become more and more important.

Set-Up Your Computer’s Wireless or Cabled Printer

Link Your Laptop to Your T.V. For Netflix

As Netflix, Youtube and Google TV become more popular, the need for a larger screen becomes greater!

In Home In Office and NOW Remote Computer Security and Maintenance Checks Click Here for More Information

Just like tuning up your car, it’s a lot cheaper to maintain and backup what you have than wait until something goes wrong!

Setup Your Small Portable Netbook Computer or Home Computer to Read Ebooks!

That’s right! You don’t have to buy an ebook reader and be stuck with only one ebook service. I can setup a netbook computer, which is a very small portable easy to handle computer with a full operating system, to read ebooks in ANY FORMAT FROM ANY COMPANY! With a complete operating system such as Windows a netbook computer has great advantages over an ebook reader or a tablet such as an Ipad.

E harmony and Senior People Meet Basic Use Lessons

I leaned how to use these sites by helping my senior citizen clientèle. As a web designer and teacher I have the ability to see the logic behind websites.

How to Backup Your Digital Photos and Files for WHEN Your Computer Crashes Click Here for Information About My Software

The worst calls I get is when someone tells me I must save their computer because they have pictures of grandkids and weddings and everything on their computer with no backup whatsoever

Website Design Click Here for An Example of An Automatic Website!

This offers email list building, automatic content and prospect communication!

Business Blog Design and Management Click Here for More Information

If you still have a 1990′s static non-interactive website, you can bet your competitors are ahead of you!

Website Improvement Sales Copy Click Here for information on My New Book

I’ve had over 30 years of sales and I’m a professional writer. Read my testimonials!

Website Improvement Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Click Here for Information on My New Book

I can get any webpage I want to on page one of Google or any search engine for you!

Website Management Click Here and Scroll to The Bottom

Spreadsheet Creation for Calculations Click Here

Recently a spreadsheet I wrote for calculating employee time and keeping track of hours has become quite popular (click here) Spreadsheet lessons are available here in Honolulu Hawaii and all of Oahu for my standard affordable prices in home, in office and remotely.

Advertise or Find Your Christian Based Product or Service on

Read the directions on how to place your ad in this ever growing Christian Network

I even invite you to read my own testimonial and how got started

Craigslist Advertising Click Here

for New Book, Service and Lessons in attaching photos and sales copy.

Online Discount Shopping Click Here

Discount shopping online saves money gas and time!

I can not only show you how to save money, but you can get your own online discount store and make money as well. Save on everything from grocery items to electronics from Best Buy

How to Make Money Online by Working At Home

It's Time to Work For Yourself!

Affiliate Marketing Click Here

Pay Per Click Ads Click Here for an Example

How to Write Your Own Ebook and Sell It Online

A Website of Simple Ideas to Make Money Online Click Here

These lessons can be given face to face or via email

Custom Automation Software Development Click Here for One Example

I also have a talent for finding free software online to replace expensive software most people buy. I can save you A LOT of money!

Voice Dictation Software

I’ve helped people with this who had carpal tunnel worse than I do and needed it to work or even just send email.

Uploading Digital Videos to Youtube for Viral Advertising

Setting Up Facebook Click Here for Facebook News and Information

People are using Facebook for personal and business. Have you noticed even international companies are directing people to their Facebook, Youtube and Twitter sites instead of their own web pages? From there of course they’re directed to a company interactive website.

Setting Up Twitter Click Here for Twitter News and Information

If It Has Something to Do with Computers I Can Do It!

I love teaching, problem solving and computers. When you put the them together you get more than some geek showing you ten things to do at once then telling you to do it (a quote from a client of mine). You get me! I’m here for you, not only to do for you, but, if you wish, to help you to understand and enjoy!

So Contact Me Now – No More Putting This Off You Know You’ve Been Thinking About Getting This Started

Email me at Rick @ or

Call my personal cell at 224-1870

I look forward towards your call,


J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

Computer Services
Describe service

You may now pay for my services with a credit card. This goes in increments of $1.00. Just select the quantity at the left after clicking the button to pay for your service. Feel free to round cents down. Don’t forget to hit the update link after changing the quantity just below the quantity box after clicking the above button.

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Computer Viruses Rampant in Hospitals

Computer viruses ‘rampant’ on hospital medical devices, say government officials

All the technological advancements taking place within the medical system today are supposed to make it easier and more efficient for doctors, nurses, and hospital staff to monitor and assist patients. But according to a number of medical device experts that spoke at a recent meeting of the National Institute of Standards and Technology‘s Security & Privacy Advisory Board, hospital medical devices are often so infected with viruses and malware that their reliability and effectiveness is questionable at best.

Just like personal computers that are constantly at risk of becoming infected with viruses, spyware, malware, and other harmful files, medical devices that compound intravenous drugs and nutrition, for instance, or that monitor women with high-risk pregnancies, are also at risk. Because of their proprietary nature and narrowly-specified license and approval guidelines, medical devices are actually more at risk of catching computer viruses because they are often outdated, unprotected, and unable to be modified or upgraded.

“Conventional malware is rampant in hospitals because of medical devices using unpatched operating systems,” says Kevin Fu, an expert in medical device security and computer scientist at the University of Michigan and the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. “There’s little recourse for hospitals when a manufacturer refuses to allow OS updates or security patches.”

Learn more:

For In Home Computer Lessons from Very Beginner to Advanced Here in Honolulu Hawaii and all of Ohau Call Dual Certified Teacher J. Richard Kirkham 224-1870 or visit

For In Home Computer Virus Removal Here in Honolulu Hawaii and all of Ohau Call Computer Virus Removal Specialist J. Richard Kirkham 224-1870 or visit

For Information on Remote Computer Maintenance and Malicious Software Removal visit

For Information on Mr. Kirkham’s Easy Virus Removal Toolkit Visit


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Computer Pick Up and Disposal Honolulu Hawaii

Computer Pick Up and Disposal Honolulu Hawaii and All of Oahu

In home computer tutor and virus removal specialist Rick Kirkham is now offering to pick up and disposal of computers.

Your computer’s hard drive will be destroyed ensuring personal information cannot be removed from it to steal personal information or even your identity.


Affordable Fees for Computer Pick Up and Disposal for Honolulu Hawaii and All of Oahu


1-4 Computers $49.00 per computer

5-8 Computers $29.00 per computer

9 on up $19.00 per computer

You may prepay with your credit card below for computer pick up and disposal or you may write Rick a check at the time of pick up.

Number of Computers

I look forward towards your call and helping to keep your identity and files safe


James Richard Kirkham

Oahu residents Call 224-1870

Rick @




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The FBI is NOT Fining You – Computer Virus

The FBI is NOT Fining You – Computer Virus

There’s a computer virus I just removed from a client’s computer during a house-call here in Honolulu Hawaii.

The computer virus states it’s a notice from the F.B.I.

It states it detected the download of child pornography or pirated material.


what Does This Computer Virus Do?


It states you must pay a $200 (or whatever fine) and gives you instructions to go to a place to pay your fine which is not traceable by the real F.B.I.

It also lets other computer viruses, spyware and malicious software into your computer.

On my client’s computer I had to remove an ad popper which opened a new browser in FireFox and placed an advertisement in there. Some of the browsers opened to pornographic material. My computer client was concerned and wanted the computer virus removed so his grandchildren would not be exposed to this.


What Not to Do


Do Not pay the money, nothing will change.

Do NOT get your relative who is a little better with computers to try to remove this expertly written, very tough even for me to remove, scam and computer virus.

Do Not try to go back in your history points. The computer virus will be there as well AND NOW you may not have all your security updates installed since you went backwards.


What Should You Do About This Computer Virus?


Unplug the internet so the spyware does not have a chance to steal personal information or even your identity.

Call a computer virus and spyware specialist such as myself NOT just a computer repair store which removes computer viruses on the side.

In fact just call me, if you’re here on Oahu, Rick Kirkham at 224-1870

Remote computer virus removal is also now available click here


Don’t put this off. The longer the computer virus is in your computer, the more damage it will do.

Call Rick

J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

Rick @


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Not Just Website Design

Unique Website Design Explanation by Rick Kirkham #WebDesign #InternetMarketing #PassiveIncome   I was trying to convey my excitement of this very powerful, unique webdesign which offers

The beauty of a traditional website
Automatic content to the website
Automatic content to social media
Automatic text notification of new content on the website for prospects
Diversified time independent money streams

I finally decided to do a video on it so you can see my excitement as I explain this unique, power and flexible web design approach.

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Your Computer Files Have NOT Ben Deleted – Computer Virus

Your Computer Files Have NOT Ben Deleted – Computer Virus

A new computer virus will make it appear as though your computer files and software programs have been deleted!

This is especially dangerous since amateurs trying to help with this expertly written computer virus and even computer repair shops NOT specializing in computer virus, spyware and malicious software removal can do even further damage to your computer



This was and remains a very difficult computer virus to remove!

What This Computer Virus Wants You to Do

It gives you false warnings, getting you so excited you click the “Fix It” button.

It then directs you to purchase the software.

If you purchase the software the hackers now have your credit card numbers!

What Does This Computer Virus Do to Your Computer

The computer virus hides your files making it look like they’ve been deleted.

This computer virus also downloads spyware and keyloggers.

It could grab personal data from your computer and record your keystrokes as you type in your usernames and passwords.

Especially if you pay for the fake program, the hackers could have enough information to steal your identity!

What You Should Not Do

DO NOT have your son or daughter, who knows just a little more about computers than you dotry to remove it! This computer virus was written by computer
experts. It should be removed by one!

DO NOT take it to a computerrepair store and convince you that all your files are gone from yourcomputer anyway so they should just wipe your harddrive. Again, your
files are not gone, the computer virus hid them.

What Should Do

As a dual certified teacher,internet expert and computer virus removal specialist here in Honolulu Hawaii I want you to call me. Computer stores that just repair and sell computers may not have the expertise or experience to remove difficult computer viruses such as this one without damaging your computer or important photographs, work and data files on your computer as well as make sure your identity is as safe as possible!

So what you should do is
call me, J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc., Rick , to my friends and feel free
to call me Rick, but call me! I’ll come right to your home or office.
I have experience removing this virus.

The longer it remains on your computer, the more damage it will do!

The more photos, work and data you’ll lose!

The more information the hackers will get!

Call me for a housecall,


J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.


Remote Computer Virus, Spyware and Malicious Software Removal NOW AVAILABLE!

Rick @

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Your Computer Desktop Icons Are Still There! – Computer Virus

Your Computer Desktop Icons Are Still There! – Computer Virus 

A recent computer virus makes your computer desktop icons disappear

This can be fixed by a computer virus specialist such as myself and screwed up worse by someone who knows “just a little more” about computers than you do.

Computer viruses, spyware and malicious software are made and designed by experts. A computer virus specialist should remove them whether with a housecall or remotely.

Call Computer and Internet Expert and Virus and Spyware Removal Specialist J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.


If you’re in Honolulu Hawaii or anywhere on Oahu

Email tutor2000 @ for remote service

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Ipad and Tablet In Home Lessons

Ipad and Tablet In Home Lessons Now Available Honolulu Hawaii and all of Oahu 

As Ipads and other tablets as well as smart cell phones become more and more popular, the demand for an experienced teacher is becoming greater.

My name is J. Richard Kirkham.

I’ve been in computers since 1995

I’m a dual certified teacher

I’ve been teaching computers from very basic to advanced FULL TIME since 2009

I am now offering Ipad, tablet and smart cell phone lessons to senior citizens and younger.

Any ages are accepted and, with the right teacher can be taught in a positive manner, step by step, hands on manner with confidence.

As demand for my services increases my fee may go up, but for now,
For an in home one on one lessons I charge $75.00 per hour
I’ll have you up and running in one to three hours
I normally go in increments of one hour so as not to overwhelm my student.

Call me, Rick Kirkham, beginner or advance, senior or too young to vote at 224-1870

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Computer and Business Lessons

In Home, Office and Remote Computer and Business Lessons

This is More Than Just Computer Lessons

Much the same as I am doing for one of my clients
I will show the way around a computer from a business perspective AND
teach you how to start and run your business.

Having been in sales over 30 years
A behavior modification expert
A dual certified teacher
In computer since 1995
And self-employed full time as an in home computer tutor and
computer virus removal specialist.

I’ll not only show you or setup for you websites, Facebook etc.
I’ll give you tips and ideas ONLY EXPERIENCE would normally teach you.

Just remember the Bengay for your wrist for the pages of notes you’ll be taking.

Call me now, J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc., at 224-1870 if you’re in Honolulu Hawaii or anywhere on Oahu

Email me instead for remote lessons if you’re elsewhere tutor2000 @

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Internet Scam Alert – Youtube

Internet Scam Alert – Youtube

I’ve been getting emails which supposedly came from Yahoo,
but if you recall an earlier safety trick I discussed,
you can discover the scam immediately.

When I got the “Youtube” email, I simply
placed my mouse over the link WITHOUT
clicking on it.

I then looked at the lower left hand corner
of my screen. It showed the actual url
(website address) where I would
have been sent if I’d have clicked the link.

If I would have clicked the link I probably
would have become my own client.

Worse yet, the scam could have dropped
spyware down on my computer. The idea
of spyware is to not be seen or spotted
and record as many keystrokes and
gather as much personal information
as possible and send it to the hackers.

Always remember to put your mouse
over a link to see where it’s actually
going to send you first.

Feel free to forward this to your friends.

James Richard Kirkham B.Sc.
Remote Computer Maintenance and Spyware Removal

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Easy Computer Virus Removal Kit

Ultimate Computer Virus Removal and Security Instructions and Kit by Computer Virus Removal Specialist and Dual Certified Teacher J. Richard Kirkham

Computer Viruses are Dangerous Because They Will Steal Your:


Credit card information

Bank account information

Usernames by recording your keystrokes and sending them to the computer hackers

Passwords by recording your keystrokes and sending them to the computer hackers








Today’s computer viruses, spyware, ransomeware, scareware and malicious software will:

* Shut down your antivirus software

* Lock you out of your computer even if you pay the fake fine from the FBI computer virus scam

* Allow you only internet access to the hacker’s site after scaring you with fake anit-virus warnings that will not go away until you click the “BUY” button

* Scare you with system errors with a program that will not go away AFTER it shuts down all your antivirus and spyware protection programs

* Stop you from installing software to remove the computer virus. That’s right! They protect themselves now!

* Install more computer viruses and spyware once a computer virus hacks through your security and invades your computer.


Who Am I?

Rick Kirkham computer virus removal specialist Honolulu Hawaii


My name is Rick Kirkham and I’m one of the best computer virus removal specialist here on Oahu in Honolulu Hawaii.  How do I know I’m one of the best at removing computer viruses? Because I keep cleaning up the messes of my “competitors” .



You see



the real money is in repairing computer hardware. Most computer repair places just remove computer viruses on the side. If it takes too long they simply wipe the computer virus victim’s computer hard drive so the computer virus victim now loses all of his/her personal data such as photos and work files, thus making the computer virus victim a victim twice.



Not only



does the the computer virus victim who gave the okay to have his/her hard drive wiped clean lose all their photos and work files, those poor souls have to reinstall any software they were using including anti-virus software.



Most of the computer clients I run across here in Honolulu Hawaii who had their computers wiped by one of my competitors DO NOT have the keys (a line of numbers and letters) to reinstall software they may have purchased. Some of this software such as Microsoft Office can be very expensive to have to purchase again.


Symptoms of Computer Virus Infections


* A slowing down of your computer system.

* Popups even when you don’t have an internet browser open such as Internet Explorer.

* Popups after loading your internet browser

* Your internet Home Page being changed without your permission

* Your default search engine changed without your permission. Usually to something not recognized.

* New toolbars showing up on your internet browser. These are the top of the internet browser which takes away from what you’re actually trying to read.

* An “antivirus” program you never installed that is hard to get rid of warning you of other virus infections.

The Symptoms now include Apple computers and even cell phones!



* Quality Computer Virus Removal Can Be Expensive!

* Buying a new computer instead of getting the computer virus removed won’t help because you’ll keep the same habits and surf to the same places!

* Buying an Apple won’t help since they also get computer viruses now! As a computer operating system becomes popular it draws the attention of computer hackers!

* Computer hackers are constantly updating their methods to break into your computer, steal your information or trick you into “buying” fake antivirus software to get your credit card.




I am Sharing My Computer Virus Removal Knowledge and Tools with The World!

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